DJ Headphones Buying Guide - All You Must Know

In today's world, it is very important for a DJ to get the right set of headphones. There are thousands of headphones models available in the market. Some perform very well than the other. Thus, in this article, we will present you with the DJ headphones buying guide so that you can keep these points in your checklist before buying a DJ headphone.

Qualities in a DJ Headphones


The headphones used by the DJ's should be comfortable. Moreover, they have to wear it for a longer period of time. Easily adjustable headband is a must. In addition, the earpads should surround the ears which are comfortable and complete.

Sound Quality

This is the next element you should look for in the headphones. Various headphones available in the market. Some of them are suitable for bass-busters while others are suitable for audiophiles. The DJ's are in crowded events or clubs where there is a lot of noise. Thus, the headphones should be loud enough to hear the music in these places.

DJ Music

Design of Folding

The headphones should be easily foldable allowing one to carry it easily. It should easily accommodate into your bag.

Closed-Back Headphone Design

Closed-Back Headphones is preferred over open-back headphones. Since in closed-back headphones the outside sound can't be heard it is the best choice. It also produces a superior bass response. The headphones which offer noise cancellation is available for different prices.


The headphones which you are buying should be durable. In the market, there are headphones available which do not even last for a day. Durability is also an important element as the DJ has to wear headphones for longer hours. In addition, the headphones should last at least for several months.

Designed with Single Cord

In DJ headphones, there is a single cord which comes from the earpieces. It is designed for fewer tangles.

Are Expensive Headphones Worth it?

None of the headphones can assure you the experience in listening which you desire. Different DJ's play different genres of music. This means that the headphones that sound great in my ears may not turn out turn out to be good in your ears.

In addition, taking reviews of people is very important before buying expensive headphones. Expensive headphones are worth buying if they provide good sound quality thus, justifying their price tag.

In this article, we have shared some of the points which are important to be considered before buying the DJ headphones. If you or your friend is a DJ and reading this article you can comment below some of your tips which will be helpful for the audience to select the best DJ headphones.