Gold Plated Vs Normal 3.5mm jack: Which is better?

If you use a smartphone there is no way you don't have a hands free or Headphones. There are two types of Headphones:Bluetooth and Wired. The Bluetooth ones can be used without a wire connected to the phone while the Wired Headphones are connected using a Headphones Jack. Now this Jack plays a really important role and in this article we are going to tell you completely about that role. We are also going to discuss about Gold Plated Vs Normal 3.5mm jack. So let's get started.

What is Headphone Jack?


A 3.5mm Headphone Jack is a phone connector which comes in the family of connectors used for Analog Audio Signals. It was invented in the 19th century for use in Telephone Switchboards and are still used widely till now. They are the port through which we connect speakers, headphones and many more things to our smartphones in the current generation.

It is cylindrical in shape with a grooved tip to retain it. They are also known as TRS connectors where 'T' stands for Tip, 'R' stands for Ring and 'S' stands for sleeve. It is also known as mini connector having diameter of 3.5mm, thus also called 3.55mm headphone jack.

Ealier the same Jack's were about 6.5mm thick but now have reduced to 3.5mm thickness.

Gold Plated Vs Normal 3.5mm jack

Headphone Jacks have now arrived in Gold-Plated form too. Thus let's do a Gold Plated Vs Normal 3.5mm jack comparison. Gold has the property of being remarkably resistant to oxidation.

Gold is a most noble Metal and in pure forms like 24 Karat, it is essentially corrosion free for all intents and purposes in a reasonably dry environment.

Now comes the time for the shocking truth. Gold is a soft metal and weara out quite easily. The normal silver plating on a headphone jack is much much better than the Gold Plating.

This is because the silver plating includes High Frequency RF components which helps in better conductivity than Gold Plated Headphones Jack.

Thus, it is shocking but true that whether the Headphone Jack is Gold-Plated or Silver Plated it does not make a difference. Thus, companies which increase the price of their Headphones by three-fold just because their headphone jack is gold-plated are looting you.

Also, a very important thing to know is that the Gold is plated only a couple of microns which is not much! The only benefit of having a gold plated Headphone Jack is to show off to people who don't know the exact properties and working of them.

Gold Plating does not affects or improves the Audio Quality too. The only benefit of Gold as told above by us is that it doesn't corrode easily. If you clean your normal 3.5mm headphone jack atleast once a month there won't be the corrosion problem with it! Thus the problem can be countered!

Thus next time you see your friend showing off his Headphones having a Gold Plated Jack you will know what to say to him!

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