IPX Ratings in Headphones-Understanding Importance

Start We all must be using headphones for quite a long time. Have you thought about using headphones during rainy days outside? Why should one stop from listening to music when he is experiencing the feel of first rain? Moreover, you must have seen IPX ratings on the box of the headphones. But do all of us know what it means?

This article will help you to understand the IPX ratings and how important it is before purchasing the headphones. 

Definition of IPX Ratings in Headphones and Knowing the Importance of it

The IPX Rating or International Protection Marking (also referred to as Ingress Protection Code). It describes the protection level against dust or water. When you are purchasing headphones you will discover a letter and a number or only two numbers. For example, you may notice it will be denoted as IP57 or IPX6. Each of this number and letter possesses own meaning.

In the IP rating, the first letter or number represents the protection level against the enter of solid particles. If against the entry of solid particles protection is not offered, 0 will be the first symbol. X is seen after IP whenever information about protection level against the entry of solid particles is not present. It will look like for example IPX7. Thus, this is one of the reasons you can find it on the specification list of headphones which are waterproof.

Moreover, the next one is the third symbol. All devices are not tested for it so it is optional. The various conditions which the device undergoes during testing are denoted by these letters namely F, H, M, S or W. If the device is oil resistant it is denoted by F. High voltage is denoted by H. While conducting the water test if the device moves it is represented by M. Whereas if it stands still it is implied by S. Lastly W represents you have guessed it right the weather conditions.

What Does Each IPX Rating Mean?

The most important factor which we have to look in the headphones is water resistance. To describe the water resistance we will think that testing is not done for dust resistance. In IPX rating the first symbol is implied by X and the second symbol follows by a number implying water resistance.

  • IPX1: If the water drops are falling vertically it will not have any harmful effects.
  • IPX2: The device is resisted from water if it is hit by water at an angle of 15 degrees or less.
  • IPX3: Here the device is resistant from water sprays up to an angle of 60 degree
  • IPX4: It is resistant to splashes of water coming from any direction.
  • IPX5: Here it is resistant at water jets coming from any direction.
  • IPX6: Here the device is resistant to heavy sprays with high pressure of water.
  • IPX7: Submersion of the device deep up to 1 meter of water is resisted here.
  • IPX8: Submersion of the device deeper than 1 meter of water is resisted here.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Waterproof Headphones

In this article, we have covered the IPX rating. Now you must have got a fair idea about it and what to look for before buying it. Some manufacturers claim that their device is sweat proof but there is no such rating. If you require a completely water proof headphone that you can trust using when near water or on heavy rainy days you can go for IPX7 rating headphones. The rating is considered to be fake if there is a hyphen, for example, IPX-6 or IP-57.

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