Music from Nature: A Thing of beauty

Music from Nature is something that humans have been enjoying for quite some time. Music from Nature can be said to be sounds produced by living organisms living on the earth's atmosphere. The list varies from small animals like larvae to musical birds like a Cuckoo. In this article we arw going to be discussing about Music from Nature and its importance.

The Music is not only produced by living beings. Let's first discuss what are the non-living sources of Music in nature.

(1) Waterfall



You must be familiar with the concept of White Noise. Waterfall is one of the most important and most frequently used as White Noise. White Noise is sonething that is used to calm a person and acts as a meditational music.

It is also used by students to study properly. It also helps us to sleep. Waterfall is one of the most beautiful Music from Nature that we should appreciate from our hearts.

(2) Sound of Rain and Waves

Whenever you hear the pitter-patter of the rain you might get really boosted up. This is because Rain acts as one of the Nature's most historical Musical sounds which none other can beat.

Also, the sound of waves really calms your brain. It really boosts you up.

Music from Birds


(1) House Sparrows

House Sparrow

The House sparrows are one of the most closely connected being to humans. They are found in most parts of the world in urban and rural areas.

Their songs inhibits various types of notes like 'Chirup' or 'Cheeps'.

(2) Asian Koel

Music from Nature

They are a member of the Cuckoo family. People living in India must be familiar with these living beings as they are mainly found in India, Bangladesh, Australia, Solomon Islands and Southeast Asia.

The sweetness of their voice isn't hidden from anyone. They mainly chant Ko-oooo and repeat the call in definite intervals. Theirs is the noise which is heard mostly in the forests regions.

(3) Canary


Whether you are a bird lover or not you must have had heard about these sound birds from Spain which get their names from the Canary Island.

These have been kept as a pet bird since the 17th century due to their beautiful voice. They have a really unique pattern and style. These also have the ability to learn from other birds, instrumental tones, musical notes etc.

(4) Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo

Music from Nature

The Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo is a large bird with striking black Plumage. These birds have a distinct yellow patch on its tail.

These birds are known for their loud calls. They make high-pitched calls namely "Kee-ow Kee-ow Kee-ow". They can be listened to from a very high range.

(5) The Common Nightingale

Music from Nature

The Common Nightingale is one of the most Pleasant Melody singing bird there is. Their melodies are so popular that they have even been described in poems and operas. They sing during the breeding season and produce Rich Notes, Trills and Whistles.

They are really small in size varying from 5-6 inches. They are most commonly found in Africa.

Well, these were some of the most important Music producing beings from our nature. We should really learn to appreciate something that has been gifted to us from Mother Nature and also try to protect such beauties.

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