Tangle Free Headphones: A Bliss of Joy

Headphone cables are really important part of a headphone but most of us certainly don't give a damn about them while purchasing headphones. Just the other day my cable got entangled in an auto and the cable broke. Thus Headphone cables are a really important part of a headphone. You as a consumer should purchase Tangle Free Headphones and in this articles we are going to tell you all there is to know about Tangle Free Headphones. 

Cable Specs

Generally an earphone cable is approximately 1.2 metres in length while that in a headphone can go to 1.5 metres. Some headphones have lengths upto 2 metres which have really bad precautions like one mentioned above.

Tangle Free Headphones

Your Headphones being tangle free totally depends upon what type of cable the Headphone manufacturing company is putting there. If the cable is a flat wire like that in Boat Bassheads 225 then it is really bad because they get tangled really easily while if the Headphones are such as Realme Buds having Kevlar Fiber Wire in it, you can enjoy without worrying that your headphones will get tangled.

One Tangle Free Headphone buying tip is to buy one with a thick wire because thick wire gets less tangled while thin wire has property to get easily tangled.

If you don't want to worry about long chords in headphones then our next topic is going to solve your problem.

Retractable Headphones

Tangle Free headphones

Retractable Headphones are really famous headphones which instead of having very long wire have a band which shoots two earbuds tips each side. The wire of earbuds is really small. It is very small to get tangled.

Retractable Headphones are also very affordable. They are available on Amazon and Flipkart starting Rs. 300

Retractable Headphones also have problems of their own. If the neck band gets damaged the whole headphone becomes damaged and useless. Thus you should use them with utmost care if you want them to last.

Well, enough with the knowledge about Tangle Free Headphones. Now we are going to tell you about the Top Headphones you can purchase if you like them Tangle free. Here they are.

(1) Richbean Retract Stereo Headphones

The Richbean Retract Stereo Headphones are one of the best Tangle free headphones you can purchase. They have a retract wire and a really cool design that you are certainly going to love.

The headphones also have Mic within them thus they are really good. They cost Rs 699 on Amazon.


(2) Skullcandy Ink'd

Tangle Free Headphones

You might not think twice about spending Rs1,000 or even Rs10,000 while purchasing Headphones but when it comes to earphones you might not want to spend such a huge amount.

The Skullcandy Ink'd earphones are going to change your opinion. For nothing do they have 1,53,000 reviews on Flipkart. They are true bass earphones and have really clear and boosted drivers fitted within the beautiful Skullcandy marked body. You also can purchase them at Amazon

(3) Realme Buds

Tangle Free Headphones

The Realme Buds are the final earphones we present to you in our list of Tangle Free Headphones. The earphones come with a Tangle Free Kevlar Fiber wire which is ultra strong.

They are also magnetic in nature. They have a really beautiful design and the 11mm drivers produce high bass sound. You can purchase them at Amazon.


Well, this was our small list of Tangle Free Headphones. The cable quality is a really big matter you should consider before buying Headphones or you will lose your headphones like I did!

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