The Different types of Earphone Tips

Earphone Tips are those small buds which you fit inside your ears to let the music engulf you. They play a good amount of role in making sure that the quality of music you hear is good.Although they are easy to use, it can be tricky to achieve a comfortable fit and proper noise isolation. So, in this article we are going to tell you about the different types of Earphone Tips and which one you should use.

(1) Rubber Ear Tips

Earphone Tips

The Rubber tips are the most  inexpensive ear tips that come in an earphone. These tips are really uncomfortable and those with skin allergies might get problems with such ear tips. Due to such limitations they are seldom used in earphones. Thus if you see an earphone with such tips avoid buying it because they are going to just make you uncomfortable.

(2) Custom Ear Tips

Earphone Tips

Custom Ear Tips are those type of tips which you can order yourself. There are companies which specialize in creating custom Ear Tips. This is done by ordering Putty from a manufacturer and creating impressions of your ears. You can send off the impressions, color choice etc back to the manufacturer and you will receive sweat proof, Anti-allergic, good quality tips which will only fit you and that too in just a few weeks time.

The Custom Ear Tips might not be something you have had heard about earlier because people do not care a lot about what type of Ear Tips come with an earphone.

(3) Silicone Ear Tips

Earphone Tips

Silicone is one of the most comfortable and most used material to build ear tips for headphones. It is chemically inert and won't cause ear irritation. They are less noise-isolating in comparison to foam ear tips which we will discuss later on. Silicone Ear Tips are a good choice for runners.

They can be cleaned and offer a more sanitary and long-lived option for users. Not just this, Silicone Ear Tips are available in multi-flange choices ( single, double or triple flange ear tips). The different types of flange determines the quality of noise isolation which might help in better music experience.

The recommended Silicone ear Tips are JVC Spiral Dots, MEE Audio Ear Tips, RHA Ear Tips and Spin Fit Premium Silicon Ear Tips.

(4) Foam Ear Tips

Earphone Tips

Foam Ear Tips are voted and also considered as the most comfortable Ear Tips in comparison to all. They fit easily in the ear canal. They are ear plugs with a hole in the center.

They provide a good seal and fit in the ear, with excellent isolation from external sounds. A good seal is said to increase the bass performance of the earphones. There is also a limitation to the foam ear tips. The limitation is that it reduces treble response of the earphones.   The best Foam Ear Tips are known as Comply ear Tips. Lets discuss about these in detail.

The Comply Earphone Tips are those which create an excellent seal which greatly improves noise isolation of the IEM. There are models of the Comply Ear Tips which come with Wax Guard to mitigate build up of earwax in the tubes of the ear tips.

 (5) Hybrid Ear Tips

Earphone Tips

Hybrid Ear Tips are foam stuffed ear Tips which are relatively rare and haven't caught up much with the market. Here is a picture of Hybrid ear tips if you want to know how they look.


Which are most durable?

After discussing in length about the different types of Earphone Tips now lets discuss the factors which will make you choose between the different Ear Tips. The first factor is durability. In terms of durability Silicone Ear Tips are known to last forever or for a considerably long period of time while Foam Ear Tips get wiped out over time. Foam Ear Tips last only for months.

This is because they might get tacky on the surface and become contaminated with ear wax and dirt. Although, if used properly even Foam ear tips can last long. Clean hands and ears will prolong the lifespan but ultimately one day they are gonna get spoiled.

Well, we hope you liked a small lesson provided by us on the different types of Earphone Tips and which is the best one. Hope you liked it. Please share it among your friends.