The Different Types of headphone Drivers you must know

Headphone Drivers are not the most important part a person focuses on before buying a headphone. That is the biggest problem a person makes. people purchase headphones based on the companies and not on the specs of them. In this Article we are going to tell you about Headphone drivers and their types

What are Headphone drivers?

The first question which comes to mind is what are Headphone Drivers? They are basically units which are made up of magnets, coils and a cone-like Diaphragm which can be measured in 'mm' units. Thus when we say that a pair of headphones have 9 mm drivers, actually the size of the diaphragm is 9 mm.

The drivers can range from 9 mm to 15 mm in earphones while they may vary from 20 mm to 50 mm in headphones. Now, lets take a look at the  different types of Headphone Drivers which you must know about.

(1) Dynamic Driver

Dynamic Driver

The Dynamic Driver is a transducer which converts electrical signal into acoustical signal. There are 3 main parts of a Dynamic Driver which are:

  • Neodymium Magnet
  • Voice Coil
  • Diaphragm attached to voice coil

Basically, the magnet magnetises the voice coil making it an electro-magnet. Upon receiving current the Voice Coil creates a magnetic field which heads in direction determined by flow of current. This moves the diaphragm and it displaces the air around it, subsequently creating sound.

Because of the easy mechanism the Dynamic driver do not need much power to work. One con of Dynamic Driver is that If it is of poor quality it will lead to audio distortion at high volumes.

(2) Balanced Armature Driver

Balanced Armature Driver

Armature Drivers are drivers which are smaller in size than their counter: Dynamic Drivers. They are much more expensive than the Dynamic Drivers.

It consists of a miniature arm inside a coil of wire surrounded by two magnets. The Top and bottom magnets determine the movement of the armature. If both the top and bottom magnets are at an equal distance from each other then we can say that the armature is balanced. The Balanced Miniature Driver do not displace air to produce sound leading to a lesser bass response.

This is the main difference between Dynamic and Balanced Armature Drivers. Thus if you need a better bass you are going to need additional drivers in your headphones for bass boost.

(3) Electrostatic Driver

Electrostatic Driver

As the name suggests these headphones take a huge use of Static electricity. They take advantage of static electricity i.e. Like Charges repel while Opposites attract. The driver is quite complex and requires energizers thus they are usually found in high-end headphones only. These are the most less used drivers in a headphone. Their only advantage is that they offer distortion free audio but they are large and bulky.


Overall, if we compare the most common driver seen in headphone are the Dynamic Drivers because of their less requirement of power and huge advantages. They are such drivers which get the job done. Hope you liked the article. If you did, please share it among your friends.