The power of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

Therapies are of many types. Sound Therapy is one such type of Therapy. When a person is depressed and in need of some sort of treatment, Sound Therapy and Sound Healing are a really good choice. In this blog we are going to tell you about the meaning and purpose of both of them.

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy uses Sound, music and specialist instruments for the mental well being of a person. It refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used as a medium for treatment of physical and mental conditions.

Music is used as a stress buster and also to release muscle tension! The Therapy is based on the theory that all of life vibrates. When a person's health frequency is disturbed then it affects his mental and physical health!

Where did Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Origin from?

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing has been around for over 40,000 years. The Ancient Greeks and Native Americans for over centuries have been using "Didgeridoo" as a healing tool. They used it to heal broken bones, muscle tears and illness of every kinds! This is the power of Sound Healing.

You might be shocked to hear that in 1930s Sound Healing was almost broke. In 1940s with the invention of ultra-sound, Sound Therapy was renewed.

Dr Alfris in his research found out a way to rehabilitate people with damaged hearing by playing sounds which they can no longer hear using an electronic device. The electronic device stimulates the muscle of inner ear which helps them to hear again.

Pythagoras is known as the father of Mathematics. Do you know what else he is the father of? He is also the Father of Music. He is known as the Father of Harmonic frequencies. He has a really big contribution in the Sound Healing industry. He helped people learn how to use sound as a medium to heal.

Different Methods of Sound Healing!

(1) Tibetan Bowls

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowls is one method sound healing. They are widely user for Buddhist Meditation and Chanting. They are also used for religious practices.

They are often used to restore normal Vibration frequencies of the body because of the Wide Range of Sounds they produce. Tibetan Bowls don't produce normal sounds like bells. They produce really special sounds which are quite poitive to hear and restore your mental balance.

(2) Tuning Fork

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

Tuning Fork is another very famous Sound Healing instrument. It is used to increase energy of parts of the body which are in need of Sound Healing.

By seeing the picture of the Tuning Fork you might have gotten the idea of what types of Sounds they produce. The Tuning Fork is hit by a metal and it vibrates and produces sound which is used for Healing.

(3) Om Chanting

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

Om Chanting is an Indian Traditional way of Sound Healing. Did you know that our Sun produces sound which sounds like Om. If not then go to YouTube and search for it! You will definitely be amazed upon hearing it!

In this you sit in a meditating position and close your eyes, take in a deep breath and chant Om till the time you can hold your breath. This is a most effective and easiest method of Sound Healing which everyone can afford and do!

People actually do it in daily Yoga exercises. Thus add it to your list of Morning Exercises!

(4) Humming

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

Now, what is Humming? Humming is our initial reaction when we are happy! Don't you just make a small humming noise whenever you are excited and don't want to remain quiet.

Did you know that a simple act of Humming can reduce stress from your life. It can make you healthy, enhance sleep, promote calmness and even produce powerful happy chemicals in brain which makes you much more happier and give you another reason to hum whenever you want to!

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