What are High Bass Headphones and do you need them?

At least once in your lifetime you would have heard your friend or cousin mentioning about High Bass Headphones and that they love them. In this blog we are going to tell you about this bass feature in headphones and why is it important! Moreover, we will tell you whether or not High Bass Headphones are suitable as per your needs.

What is Bass?

Bass is pronounced as Bass with a low vowel i.e. closely related to "base" which means low rumbling sounds produced by an instrument.

It describes tones of low frequencies, pitch and Range from 16 to 256 Hz. The sound is produced by musical instruments like guitars, horns, keyboards, violin etc.

Importance of Bass

High Bass Headphones

Bass is not only important in Headphones but also in many other parts of music industry. In Popular Music, Bass provides Rhythmic and harmonic support to the band!

Do you know what Harmony means? Harmony means when several notes are played at the same time. Bass plays an important role in that. It keeps the Harmony together.

What are High Bass Headphones?

High Bass Headphones

So, when a pair of Headphones say that they are of High Bass Headphones this means that the frequency response of the headphones reduces the higher frequencies effectively emphasizing the bass frequencies for the listener.

The best High Bass headphones are the one which produce flattest frequency response possible meaning that the flattest frequency producing headphones are reproducing sound in the same frequency that they are receiving it in!

Many headphones in an attempt to boost the bass reduce the high  frequencies so much that it becomes difficult to hear sounds really clearly. This is not only done by cheap Headphone selling company.

This is also done by many expensive companies. Thus, expensive headphones does not mean good and High Bass and cheap Headphones don't mean a false bass. It all depends upon how the company has built the headphones and are the headphones able to reproduce flat frequencies or not!

Are High Bass Headphones suitable for you?

 here are people who buy headphones especially with a High bass for better experience. Now you should not be just one of those who does it blindly. You should actually know what you like and what not!

There are people who just like normal bass and more clearer driver sounds than the High Bass sounds! We are gonna tell you how to know what you like!

At least one of your friends is gonna have a High Bass headphones like Boat Bassheads etc. Ask him for it and listen a song. If you like the quality buy it!

If you are a person who is not affected by Bass then go for the accurate sound producing headphones which produce and focus on producing accurate and clear sound instead of Bass Boosted sounds like JBL Headphones.

Whichever one you like order one for you. If you are a fan of Deep Bass then we have a really great choice for you. We have RichBean Retract which is a tangle free retractable headphones for just Rs.699. It has been reviewed as a really great bass headphones at http://www.techindian.in/reviews/richbean-retract-review-no-more-tangling/

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