What Can The Music Industry Teach You About Carnatic Music

Carnatic Music

One of the most popular south Indian classical track is Carnatic music. Moreover, considered as the gemstone of global music. The states namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have led to the development of Carnatic Sangeet. In addition, for Carnatic sangeet Purandardas(1480-1564) is regarded as the father since he approached it. Several songs were created by him. Venkat Mukhi Swami has been viewed as grand theorist related to Carnatic music. In addition, classification of south Indian ragas led to the development of "Melankara" by him.

The existing form of Carnatic sangeet was received in the 18th century. Moreover, this period saw the Carnatic sangeet trinity. Thyagaraja, Shamashastri and Muthuswami Dikshitar has given many compositions that are famous.


Raga and Tala is the base of Carnatic music. Raga is considered as the scale with seven notes on it namely Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha and Ni. Moreover, the classification of ragas leads to various modes known as mela and is 72 in the count.

In Carnatic sangeet, time theory is not followed. Moreover, at any time any raga can be sung. Moreover, its gharana classification is not present in this system.

Carnatic performance has a number of sections. At the start of the recital, a composition called Varanam is usually played. The meaning of varanam is the description. Varanam is composed of two parts-Purvanga and Uttaranga. Purvanga is also known as the first half. Uttaranga is also known as the second half. In the rag, kritis are fixed compositions.

The prime importance is given to melody in Carnatic music. In addition, instead of the instrumental part, the main emphasis is on the vocal part. In addition, the local kings of the Mysore and Travancore kingdom patronized it in the 18th through 20th centuries.

Famous Carnatic Music Vocalist

Thodur Madabusi Krishna, also known as TM Krishna or TMK, is a famous Carnatic music vocalist. He was born in the family of musicians where he started performing at the age of six. From Vivekananda College, he completed B.A. programme in (Economics).

In 2007 he co-authored the book ‘Voices Within: Carnatic Music — Passing on an Inheritance‘. In addition, in 2013  ‘A Southern Music — The Karnatik Story‘ was also written by him. The latest book written in 2018 is  ‘Reshaping Art‘.

Some of the awards received by him are Ramon Magsaysay Award,  Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration Award, Professor V Aravindakshan Memorial Award.


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