What happens when you listen to music: Advantages of Music!

Humans have been listening to music since a long time. Do you know why you listen to music. Many will say it calms them, many say it excites them while some say it gives them hope. Music is a really important part of our lives and in this article we are going to tell you what happens when you listen to music.

First let's try defining music:

Music is an art of sound in times that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of Rhytm, melody, harmony and color.

Brain Activity

Depending upon the type of music you hear you react to it in different emotins. Whem you hear a rap song you might get pumped up, while hearing a sad song will bring out the emotional side of you. Hearing rock music might make you happy.

Why do these emotions come up? Listening to music releases Dopamine in the brain striatum. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter which is associated with providing pleasure and gets released when you are involved with food, drugs and sex.

Sometimes when you are feeling really sad you get a craving of hearing to music. In words it is your brain which is telling you to listen to music so that it can release dopamine which will provide you with happiness and pleasure.

Thus you now know that music and happiness are inter-related.

Music and Moods

Music and Moods

The type of mood you are in depends upon what type of music you hear. As per a report, it has been proved that people listening to happy music tend to have smiling faces while people listening to sad music have sad, gloomy faces.

Thus if you want to be happy, add happy songs to your play-list. Classic songs have the ability to improve your attention span and also improve your visual attention.

One more thing to know is that playing a musical instrument makes you smarter. It has been shown in a report that people who play musical instruments perform much more better than their non-musical counter parts.

Effects on Memory

listen to music

When you listen to music the most important benefit of it is to your memory. Memories are those small fragments which are not stored in a centralised location in your brain. They spread throughout your neuro-biological pathways.

Music has the ability to activate such large areas of brain which serves as powerful stimulus for evoking memories. Music is so efficient in restoring memories that doctors use music as a source to help Alzheimer's patients to grasp portions of their former selves.

Now, this is something really important. Have you heard of Sound Healing. We have a special dedicated article for that. Click here to know all about Sound Healing.

We can thus say that Music is to our brain what Exercise is to our body. It is really important and if you want a good healthy brain with a good memory you should continue listening to music.

It is not for nothing that humans have been listening to music for thousands of years.

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